MORE Investigation!

Part the first...

  • Deciding that their opportunity to find out more about what might have killed the late Mister Liebaum, rather than return home to rest and await police interrogation, our heroes run over to his home to investigate.
  • Poking around the driveway, Sean and Dee are able to verify where he fell, and where whatever stank of the Nevernever dragged him. The werewolf changes form to be able to detetective a little more effectively.
  • Liebaum’s house has a threshold, but between Emma and—with a little coaxing and inconveniently-compelled Aspect—Preston, they’re able to safely dismantle it before entering.
  • When they get in, the sight that greets them is…unexpected.

Upon opening the door, the light of the moon illuminates very little, but more than perhaps may be kind to your senses. The home inside is littered with trash, empty water bottles, torn pages and empty, grease-stained pizza boxes. The walls are covered in maps that are hand-drawn, matching no area that you’ve ever seen or most likely ever will see. There are post-its pinned with multi-colored threads moving to each pin, and a white-board with maddened notes scribbled across in. Some post-its are labelled “WAY #562-SUMMER”, or “WAY #32-NEUTRAL”, or even “WAY #1221-VIOLENCE”. There are red threads, with post-its containing red ink. The red ink, in large letters, simply repeat “AUTHOR” “AUTHOR” “AUTHOR” in scattered areas on the map.

The dry erase board requires investigations on what has been written in tiny letters, yet the words in red at the bottom are quite clear: “AUTHOR” “WHO?” “KATZINGER?” “TPP-4412”"



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