Making a Break For It

  • With Sean and (more imposingly) Dee trying to stand in the way of anyone who might recognize and try to turn in Weishaupt, Jos plans to use one of the more secret ways out of New Town, behind Theedson’s Rare Books and Imports.
  • Emma would very much just like to tear open a portal through to the Nevernever or something less immediately dangerous than here, but the borders of the world would take a little more time to chip away at than they have.
  • Dee offers to cover everyone with a veil while they beat feet to Theedson’s, but subtlety and veils aren’t necessarily his thing.
  • The tears in the world that Preston saw—four of them, plus one directly overhead—are weakening the borders, here.
  • Recognizing that time is running short, Preston and Emma both slap veils on the fixer and his bodyguard, rendering them pretty much unrecognizable.
  • A couple of the more active searchers—a brother and sister of the Summer Court of Faerie—ask if the PC’s have seen the targets.
  • Of course, they deny it.
  • They introduce themselves as Llewellyn and Kate, inviting the PC’s to join them—of course, again, they refuse, citing the use of having some people stand in one place, in case the quarry is flushed out.
  • Preston recognizes the five, of course, and with his head clear, he sees two with them that the others don’t: two men with the pale skin, red lips, and telltale black veins of the Black Court.
  • Seeing a chance to make a getaway, Jos suggests we do work with them, maneuvering to the back of town to go sweep forward. That the back of town would be where Theedson’s is goes completely unmentioned.
  • Before parting ways, the other wizards are able to see through the veils of the vampires, and Sean recognizes the smell that wafted about at the airport, and lingered in the home of Geoffrey Liebaum.
  • The vampires continue to follow the group they were with, leaving the PC’s to make their way to Theedson’s.
  • As they draw close, it occurs to them that just leaving may not be the moral course of action. If the voice on the speaker decided to off a Warden just to make an idle point, he probably will end up making good on the part where he starts killing people in a few minutes.
  • Still, our heroes manage to escort Sigrid and Weishaupt to the emergency exit. The fixer thanks them profusely, and the two exit back to the streets of mundane Philadelphia, leaving the PC’s to figure out what to do about this mess…



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