Welcome to Intruder: A Dresden Files Campaign set in lovely perfectly serviceable Philadelphia, PA.

Philadelphia has an underside where the supernatural population takes to, due to a disaster in the early days of immigration where a group called the Order of Innocent came in through Ellis Island and tore through the White Council, and then the rest of the supernatural population. A combined effort that included one of the Knights of the Cross forced them back out and sent them packing back to Western Europe, but the Supernatural tend to have very long memories, and that sort of thing won’t go away.

In modern times, the supernatural population has only in the past decade just begun to dip its toes back into the mortal side of the city, once again returning to their abandoned holdings, mortal proxies, and quiet power struggles that pockmark the rest of the world. The White Council remains neutral, preferring to let the different groups resolve their own differences, only intervening when it could spill back onto the streets. The Order of Innocent has been long since broken, but old habits die hard, and old fears tend to do the same.

With the Red Court dead, the White Court is left to snipe at themselves in endless (and normally bloodless) in-fighting, only stopping when the Black Court is found to be sniffing around the borders of the city.

The more fearful of the supernatural community congregate in a place that can only be accessed by forgotten branches of Philadelphia’s middling subway system, on doors that had long since been enchanted with a series of veils by the White Council, as a token of good will to the remaining supernatural factions who “play nice”, to be only noticeable by those the “more than human”. Entering one of these doors will offer a quick jaunt, and you will arrive at what is simply called “New Town”, to keep mortal eavesdroppers clueless.

The closest thing New Town can be compared to is an Arabian Bazaar, peppered by reenactments of the Mos Eisely Cantina played entirely by vampires, shifters, faeries, and everything else under the Night Sky. The rules of New Town are:

1. Take It Outside – No fighting, no overt powers around, and no making a ruckus.
2. No Fire – This goes without saying. New Town doesn’t have a fire department, unless you count a few overworked White Council Wizards and some lower-tier Sorcerers who act as police.
3. No Mortals – This is important. If a mortal crosses a veil that hides New Town, it will never work on them again.
4. No Summoning, No Nevernever Gates – Sometimes things cross over on their own volition, but that doesn’t mean you should make it easier for them.

Breaking these rules means a White Council Wizard (and possibly a White Court Vampire trying to be helpful) gets to take out all of their frustrations on you, and throw you into a dungeon.


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