• Bijoux Du Jardin

    Bijoux Du Jardin

    A black woman in her early 30s, late 20s; a little young to be a detective, fresh-faced, with her hair in tightly-pulled back dreads and black-framed glasses.
  • Geoffrey Liebaum

    Geoffrey Liebaum

    A man in his early forties, with salt and pepper hair and a receding hairline.
  • Jamie Coughlin

    Jamie Coughlin

    A young, skinny man barely of drinking age, with blue eyes, blonde hair, and a Warden's gray cloak. He looks much like Steve Rogers, before the serum.
  • Marathon


    A tiny man with eagle wings, blue eyes and curly hair, like a tiny Greek god. He wears a tiny belt of scrolls, a loincloth, and not much else.
  • Rudolph Katzinger

    Rudolph Katzinger

    A monster barely willing to wear the suit of a human--though he dresses it conspicuously to the nines--with a youthful, arrogant voice and the face to match, crowned by a black fauxhawk.
  • Weishaupt


    A man with a cleanly shaven head, face, and even eyebrows.