Welcome to New Town!

Going down!

  • Fortunately, Sean’s nose only catches the strange scent for a moment, and everyone is fortunately able to extricate themselves from the airport without further incident.
  • The team heads for the nearest door to New Town—at least some of them driven by a somewhat skittish werewolf—stopping only to pick up Emma’s pet dog-yes-dog-totally-not-a-coyote.
  • There is one strange blurb that pops up on the news, though:

In other news, a community bank in South Philadelphia was shocked and upset to find that they had been robbed overnight, with no signs of entry. Security cameras found no evidence pointing to the perpetrators, though police are currently investigating.

  • Odd that might be, for the moment they’ve got a mission and a timetable.
  • A veiled doorway in a subway station takes them down a long tunnel, illuminated with a long string of Christmas lights.
  • Welcome to New Town, folks!
  • A cyclops tourist nods genially to our heroes as he passes, and a handful of Wardens likewise are visible in the crowd for a moment before they split up for reasons known only to them.
  • Well, our heroes are locals: They get to asking around as to where Mr. Weishaupt’s “shop” is to be found.
  • Most folks only overhear mutterings of confusion and worry, perhaps regarding the movements of the Wardens, but Sean is able to find a pleasant White Court woman who points him in the right direction, and invites him to hear her on the piano later.
  • In a small cafe with an Arabian theme to its decor and dining, they find their target in the company of Sigrid, his bodyguard.
  • While he’s willing to talk after hearing that Geoffrey is dead, he makes it clear “he doesn’t do crowds,” and Emma is the one to do the talking while everyone else gives them some space.
  • Using a magical talisman to verify her words, Weishaupt interrogates Emma. He laments the loss of Mr. Liebaum, even if only as a customer who was punctual, precise, and paid his debts.
  • While Weishaupt is unwilling to describe what it was Geoffrey Liebaum was going to offer him in trade, he does describe the items he was going to offer in return: one book Geoffrey wrote (the last surviving copy thereof), and another—which Weishaupt was instructed not to read—which was a play with no author, in which the main character was “a blank space.”
  • He does describe his payment as worthless to anyone but himself, or one who wished him harm.
  • Emma takes a moment to confer with her friends.
  • Concluding that it might well be Weishaupt’s hair in the tube from the airport, the wizards and company conclude, perhaps, that it might be proper to conclude this trade…



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