Still Not More Investigation

Okay, maybe some at the end.

  • Sean, again is the one to volunteer more information. With some prodding, he doesn’t spill everything, but he does give up some of the contents of the call.
  • Emma and Jos also acknowledge some of the contents: the heroes confess that the voice on the other end of the line stated they had been taken, but didn’t want to leave anymore.
  • Apparently satisfied, the detective gives everyone a card with her name and number on it, and requests that they contact her if anything comes to mind.
  • Plugging the cameras back in, she defends her place in SI, as well as the entire organization:

“Ask anybody outside of SI, and it means where the kooks, burnouts, incompetents, and whistle-blowers go. Ask one of us though, and it’s where every single badge has memorized that old quote about eliminating the possible and leaving the improbable.”

  • The PC’s leave, and decide to track down Weishaupt for information that evening.
  • On their own, some of the others begin investigating.
  • Reaching out to her contacts, Jos learns about Marathon—or at least that he doesn’t exist in any official capacity, and asking around is a good way to get yourself taken in for questioning.
  • Dee, meanwhile, performs a ritual of divination upon the key they found at Liebaum’s place, and figures out where it goes…
  • It looks like a trip to the airport is in the PC’s future.



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