Stealth Rescue

Be vewy, vewy quiet...

  • With some discussion amongst themselves, our heroes work out a plan.
  • Dee suggests making a veil. He’s not good at them, but his plan doesn’t have to be; all it has to do is look like a couple of people trying to escape under a bad veil. That might just lead the people holding New Town hostage away.
  • Before that can be put into action, they hear something. Stomping? Punching?
  • Tracing the sound, the characters find a couple of black court vampires assaulting a dome of asphalt, slamming their fists into it repeatedly as it keeps rebuilding itself.
  • More brief, hurried discussion is made amongst them; there don’t seem to be any more vampires around, so the previous plan is put into action.
  • With a little added distraction—some scattered pebbles to simulate an unfortunately unstealthy step—the veil gets the attention of the vampires, and they take off in pursuit.
  • The PC’s knock on the dome, and manage to convince the one holding it together to drop it.
  • The man introduces himself as Warden Trainee Jamie Coughlin; the cyclops man is named Pamphilos. Jamie had just been giving them directions when things went south. He mentions the vampires had tried to pull him into something “like the Nevernever but not actually in it.”
  • The PC’s introduce themselves in turn. Jamie lets them know that his captain was likely still alive. Sean reminds everyone that their attackers still want to track people down, and are going to be pretty unhappy when they figure it out, and make everyone else unhappy in the meantime.



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