Let's Make A Deal!

  • Another hint cajoled out of Weishaupt further consolidates the suspicions of the PC’s.
  • Sean’s nose is sharper than any human’s has a right to be, even when he’s not a wolf, but he isn’t able to verify the hair belongs to the fixer.
  • Emma presents it anyway, and sure enough it seems to be what he wants. He agrees to fulfill his part of the bargain, noting that once he’s done here he’s getting out of town.
  • He’s hearing rumors. The Black Court—previously reeling and skulking in the shadows—seems to be a force to be reckoned with now. They’re going after anyone with a hint of magical talent, which has the White Council greatly concerned, while the White Court smells blood in the water. While they’ve been playing mostly nice together, the vampires are always ready to seize an opening.
  • Second- or Third-hand, the PC’s hear this, From Weishaupt who heard it from Liebaum: It seems that a young Black Court vampire by the name of Katzinger has taken some power for himself (an odd thing given that he’s apparently less than a year undead, and among the Black Court power and age tend to go hand-in-hand), taking out the old guard with gusto—as well as bullets and magic and whatever else would be effective.
  • He hands over the briefcase of Geoffrey’s payment to Emma, unlocking it as he does so, and then proceeds to burn the hair and oil together.
  • In the briefcase are two books:
    • One old, missing a cover, though its title is clearly legible on its front page: On Entities Beyond The Nevernever – Manuscript by Geoffrey Liebaum, Practitioner and Wayfinder – Date: 5-20-1981
    • The others is a beautiful leather-bound tome with a golden clasp: Man – A Tragedy
  • Weishaupt notes that he was informed to never let the second book be destroyed, nor ever to write in it, even if his life were to literally depend upon it.
  • He presents his business card to Emma, informing her that if she ever needs his services, to burn the card and he will be in touch.
  • Well, that’s it, right? Done?
  • Sean’s violence-sense tingles, feeling something from up above, and just as he warns the others, a voice crackles out over the speakers littered throughout New Town.
  • The man on the speakers announces himself, and then proceeds to make it rain the corpses of wardens from above.
  • Well, one corpse of a warden.
  • The voice then notes that he’s looking for Weishaupt—by description, not by name—or more specifically, the contents of his briefcase. He jovially offers great rewards to those who find it for him—and death to anyone who opens it—and adds that if people aren’t sufficiently motivated to find it in the next ten minutes, he’ll start giving his own moral support in murder dollars.
  • Sigrid, Weishaupt’s bodyguard, prepares for a fight, but Emma and the other wizards ponder finding another way out.
  • Some people around them have the same idea…while others are just searching. Maybe they want the reward, maybe they’re the voice’s agents. No telling.
  • Preston, concerned, opens his Third Eye to get a better idea of what they’re dealing with.

The lights, smells, and sounds of New Town are exaggerated, as if your pupils were permanently dilated and you stood in the center of the Vegas strip. The light of possibility, exchange, and the meeting of minds in a safe, neutral place… and yet, there are tears in the tapestry, recent, bleeding wounds that leak something less than darkness, more hateful, as if static could be black. A screeching assault of synesthesia in four tears around the place’s rooftops, that beyond them lead into the Nevernever, like lights at the end of tunnels made through a victim’s heart. Two other shadows, with pinpricks of sickly yellow eyes and wide smiles stand behind the five people that gamble on the voice’s offer. Preston’s SIght tells them they are behind a veil, but that veil is unnatural, as if the world wanted to protect others from those. Their shadows are mottled with words written across them, words like “Revenge”, “Power”, “Eat”, “Regret”, “Hunger”, “Loneliness”. The words that make up their stories, scribbled, out. New words overlap them, new histories, gifts, strength.

  • Preston barely manages to retain consciousness as he reins in his Sight, and Joss points out the people who might be more trouble in this crowd…



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