Leaving On a Jet Plane...

Not really.

  • Dee comes to the others with his information. The only reasonable response is to get their butts to the airport.
  • Sadly, they keep the lockers behind the security checkpoints, which is…slightly problematic.
  • On the other hand, Jos has a unique power in addition to her empathy: Her massive checkbook. A few hundred dollars and a claim to an impulse vacation later, she and Preston walk right past security with wholly legitimate tickets, and proceed on.
  • It doesn’t take them long to locate the particular locker, and without any magical security, they’re able to open it easily, procuring a small vial with a few strands of hair preserved in oil. Easily enough retrieved, they turn around.
  • Meanwhile, Emma is wrangling a couple of small children, arguing over who can be what superhero. and Sean is just being nervous.
  • Well, not just being nervous. Super-wolf-senses are picking up something not-right and not-of-this-world. Once he sees the others returning, he quickly shepherds folks toward the exit, anxiously looking about for whatever it was he smelled…



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