Interrogation! Not Investigation!

And not us doing it this time!

  • At this point, later in the day, the PC’s are all cordially invited to talk to Detective Du Jardin.
  • Probably not so cordially.
  • Fortunately, given the definite supernatural nature of what’s just happened, they decide to get together and coordinate their stories.
  • Said amazing alibi? “Totally a coincidence.”
  • Also, neither Emma nor Sean are up to date on their movie knowledge.
  • In a police station in the uglier part of town, our heroes meet the good Detective, all at once.
  • She does her best to put everyone at ease, and waits for someone to start talking.
  • Aaaand that would be the werewolf. Sean’s about as evasive as he can manage—after all, nobody in the room really knows how Liebaum’s body was stuffed in the middle of an otherwise intact topiary of why—but it does get conversation going.
  • The Detective confesses that she doesn’t think anyone here had anything to do with the murder, but they probably have some insight into some of the answers regardless. She unplugs the cameras before questioning continues, and produces everyone’s phone records, showing the strange call that came in last night.
  • Dee tries to claim that he didn’t understand the voice on the other end of the line, but his attempts to deceive fail badly; only Joss’s weaponized empathy is able to insert a little doubt in the detective’s head that he might be telling the truth.
  • The others are a bit more forthcoming: Joss, Emma, and Preston acknowledge that someone using their own voices made the call…




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