Amateur CSI Hour

o/~ Who are you? Who who, who who?

Our wizards, empath, and mascot slowly take in the newcomer. Not to worry, though: Sean is able to rapidly ascertain that it’s a body—completely dead—that seems to have materialized in the middle of the topiary.

Pulling the unfortunate soul out, it ends up being a middle-aged man dressed in pajamas and a single sandal. He also has his throat torn open, but no blood spilled; he’s been pretty much drained.

It doesn’t seem to be just any poor soul who’s taken a fatal interdimensional trip. Preston recognizes him as one Geoffrey Liebaum, a (non-Council) practicioner with a strong knowledge of summoning, wards, borders, and the Nevernever. Joss knows that he had some White Court connections, as well.

Sean takes a minute to change into his werewolf clothes, and when he returns he quickly discerns that the man smells heavily of the Nevernever, as does the topiary. Overwhelmingly powerful: the hedge itself smells like a gate was opened only a minute or two ago.

There’s also a smell of rot there, meaty and ugly.

Sean changes back and takes long enough to just long enough to put on his jeans and run back out to share his findings.

Meanwhile, Preston and Emma are able to discern between his clothes and the stiff, musty quality of the back of his shirt that he died just outside of his home on wet pavement—he seems to have been dead a few days, but given the weather patterns it looks like time in the Nevernever may have been…relative.

Dee is also able to peer into the man’s final moments—he sees a gaunt woman with translucent skin and blunt, blood-caked teeth—and help pinpoint an address.

After some discussion, the group of body-finders take a minute to discuss who to contact—the White Council authorities seem less preferable to the mundane ones, and so cops on Joss’s take are contacted, spoken with, and then the PC’s are informed that someone from their local Special Investigations unit is going to want to ask questions soon…

(Minor Milestone)



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